Qi According to Me

yinyangQi According to Me was written by Darlene Jorgens. She is a current student but she is not new to the world of herbs. “Qi is thought to be all around us, throughout the entire universe. Qi is in the air we breathe, it is in the food we eat and the water we drink, it is in people – called Human Qi (Ren Qi.) Vital Qi (Hou Qi) is used to describe the Qi of a living being.4 Qi is an impersonal force to be found in every living and non-living thing. Qi can be either good or bad. References to Qi may be thought of as “vital energy” should one require a simplistic definition.”  – Qi According to Me


  1. Darlene, I enjoyed your article very much. I have also found TCM/Eastern Medicine exciting, and appreciate the way a TCM practitioner will connect the whole body and environment together and treat as a whole instead of parts. The philosophy of Eastern and Western medicine is so different, but the end goal is the same, a healthier, happier person! Thank you for sharing!

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