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man-computerStudent Portal Directions

  1. You should have received an email with your Username and Password. If not, please contact Megan at 775-385-3242.
  2. Login with your Username and Password and then click/choose you school program.
  3. When you use the link for your tests you MUST save the test to your computer BEFORE filling it out. 
  4. Complete the test or assignment you have saved to your computer and  then attach the assignment to an email and send it to the email address Megan has been using to communicate with you. This email address is also on your student portal page (hidden from the internet spammers!)
  5. Each portal page also has a contact form at the bottom if you have any questions or difficulties.

girl-studyStudent Portal Blog

    1. Sharlene Peterson and Megan Lackey will be posting articles, student news, resource links, and professional company/product reviews.
    2. Comments are welcome! Ask questions or enter your insight or opinion.
    3. If you have a subject you would like us to cover just drop us a note.
    4. Blog categories are listed in the menu on the right side of all pages.


Guest Blogging: Do you have great writing & research skills? If you are interested in guest blogging for our Student Portal please contact us with the form provided at the bottom of the page. Blog article posts would be 5-6 paragraphs – to the point – specific information. While we do not pay cash we would credit your account towards tuition payments!